Ding! Level-Up!

So today I hit Level 19 in the big game! Got some new spells and abilities and so I’m all ready to start the grind to get to Level 20!

Seb learnt: Nostalgia – Passive Ability – Occasionally is hit with a bout of nostalgia where you remember “the Good Times” of the past. Allows Seb to reminisce with friends.
Seb learnt: Adult – Passive Ability – You’re a proper adult now… WHEN THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?

Anyway, on to a slightly more serious MMGaming related matter. I have decided that twice a year I shall make a post where I look at the games I have been playing and decide which I have liked (and which I haven’t) and I will also look ahead to which games I am looking forward to in the coming months, before the next article.

Frankly the two times that strike me as best are my Birthday and New Years. So every year for New Year I will look at what up coming games from the next year I want. And I will also decide on a “Seb’s Game of the Year”. And every time my Birthday rolls around I will write an article as a sort of half-way point of the year, where I will write about the games I have been playing and the games still to come.

So let’s get started.

Games of the past year first!

Well, I think I will go a little bit further back than just one year… but anyway! In the past year the notable moments and games have been:

Being introduced to the Humble Indie Bundle. A great deal, with great games and for a ridiculously cheap price. Frankly I can’t see anywhere you could go wrong if you want to buy this (which you still have a little time left to do). The one Bundle I have been lucky enough to get has so far been worth every penny, and I eagerly await the next one. Remember, here at MMgaming we will keep you updated for when the new Humble Bundles are released.
I also played a fair amount of World of Warcraft and League of Legends in the past year. LoL is still a great and fantastic game. And as it is still free I would thoroughly recommend trying it out. Even in preference to the Humble Bundle. I still love WoW but recently it has started to seem to much like hard work for me to keep it up (that’s why I have been all quiet on the WoW front). After getting to level 85, going through dungeon after dungeon to get gear to allow me to raid just felt a little boring. I would love to get back into it, but as I am going to University this year I think it won’t be until after New Year (or maybe even until next Summer) before I get back into the awesome game that is the World of Warcraft!
There have been a few Indie Games as well to occupy myself with: Magicka,  Terraria and Dungeons of Dredmor (to name a few) which all remain great games and great buys!
But really, the games which I have enjoyed the most over the last year and a bit have been the following: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Red Dead Redemption, Portal 2 and the holy mother-of-mothers: Minecraft.
Brotherhood (or Assassin’s Creed 2.2 as I like to think of it) was fantastic but then I do tend to get all fanboyish of AC games. But really! The Multiplayer was truly spectacular and is something I really want to get back into in the coming months.
RDR was one of best games I have ever played. Hands down. No questions asked. Game of the Year (for me at least) for 2010 it was, and still is, one of the all time great video games ever made.
For the full details of my love for Portal 2 you will have to check my review on MMgaming here.
And then there is Minecraft… Wow… Just wow… What started as a one man Indie Game near the end of last year has grown into one of the biggest selling games ever and my-oh-my… was it worth it… In fact, I’m not going to say anything more about it… Except the following: WHY HAVEN’T YOU GOT MINECRAFT YET?!?!

So that’s been the last year, and it was a good year. Oh yes. But this coming year might in fact be one of the biggest and best years for gaming I have ever experienced.

In fact there seems to be a game I want coming at a rate of about one a month until Christmas. And I must have them all!

September will see the release of Gears of War 3. The big finale! Playing through the whole thing on Insane with Alastair will be a joy and a fulfilment of five years of excellence. And chainsaws… Never forget the fucking chainsaws…

October will see the release of the giant that will be Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is a game I want. I desire it more than breathing. I want it near me now! Erm… *cough* Yes… Anyway… I really want it, but as an MMO which WON’T be free-to-play I would have to spend an awful lot of time on it for it to be worth the monthly fees. And for a first year Uni student… that simply isn’t possible. So this is one game I won’t be able to get straight away. And yes… that does make me VERY sad.
On the bright side October also will see the release of Arkham City which will make all the pain from not playing SWTOR unnoticeable. It’s gonna be aaaaamazing.

November also has two big ones: Assassin’s Creed Revelations (or as I like to think Assassin’s Creed 2.3) already has the little fanboy inside of me crying with joy. But really that’s not the one I want. The other big title of November makes my desire for ALL other games (and I mean ALL) seem negligible. Skyrim… *nerdgasm*

So that’s it for the rest of the year. 2012 will also see the release of Bioshock Infinite and Mass Effect 3. Both of which are about the same height as SWTOR in my esteem. But that’s a story for the New Years post (especially as this article is now rather big…).

Anyway, there you have it. The past and the future condensed into an MMgaming article! Hopefully this is the start of a long a fruitful future!

One thought on “Ding! Level-Up!

  1. Let me present you to another MMO who’s beta is probably coming late 2011: The Secret World. Might wanna keep that one on the radar.

    Also, Seb, you’ll soon gain another passive: “Liking where this is going” ;o

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