Borderlands titbits

Eurogamer has more info on Borderlands 2! It’s not much but something to feed to the rabid die hard Borderlands fans. Read more by clicking on Read more. Did i really just type that? Yes i did.

Co-op will still be four-player, the four players from the original game are now NPCs with new bodies for players to take over. One of these is the fella shown in the first bit of art released for the game, Salvador, who is a Gunzerker with the ability to use any two weapons at once.

Story missions will by dynamic at times, and can shape the future of your character. One example given was a rescue mission which changes the course of your destiny if you fail to arrive on time.

A new element called Eridium, has been added as both a currency and to be combined with other elements to improve stats on weapons and vehicles. Weapons from the first game have been ditched for all-new weapons, and can have custom decals and enhancements added to them. Gun manufacturers have been revamped a bit, and will now have their own style and personality. No word on gun crafting was mentioned.

Some pickups will have temporary buffs, like in the General Knoxx expansion for Borderlands 1 and the skill tree in is similar to the original by using the traditional 3-branch system.

Vehicles will also contain more variety, and one shown in Game Informer was called the “Bandit Technical,” along with another vehicle with four seats.

Enemies are more varied in form with improved AI, more responsiveness and will interact more with one another. Bandits have access to specific types of weapons.

NPCs have also received improvements as far as moving about the game and conversing with characters in a more interactive manner. The size and scope of the game was also promised to be more epic in scale.

Stolen from Eurogamer

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