Blocks That Matter


Blocks do really matter in this puzzle game by Swing Swing Submarine. The game has you controlling a little block machine that has to traverse a series of levels to get to a portal, by way of drilling through blocks and placing blocks down.

There are also blocks that cannot be destroyed, enemies and the limitation that you can only place 4 blocks down at a time. I have only played the few levels of the tech demo but I can say that if puzzle games are your thing I would recommend checking this out. It has originality and a nice simple art style that makes it a nice game to stroll through when you have the time.

My only gripe is that the game is unforgiving. One misplaced block might require you to restart the entire level which from what I played only set you back a few minutes but there may be levels later on that are much larger.

There is also the promise of building your own levels and sharing them with the community.

Try it out the tech demo yourself, it can be found at their site


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