Gotham City Imposters Goes Animated

I have to say, the more I hear about this game the more my interest is tickled. It sounds and looks like an absolute laugh riot! The game is clearly not taking itself seriously but has such an amusing concept behind it that it might actually be great fun when it comes out. Now there is even a completely ludicrous animated trailer out which is pretty awesome and basically highlights the fact that this game is going to be fucking nuts and probably won’t involve things like “character development” or “storylines” or “characters”… Check it out after the jump!

I actually will say that games often are pretty amazing when they are more laid back and don’t take themselves too seriously, for example Army of Two. The first game took itself fairly seriously but in the end it was all about the shooting and explosions. The second one got all full of itself and I really didn’t like it.

Oh my god I’m turning into a gaming Hipster! Someone please either shoot me now or turn on this trailer if only to SHUT ME UP!

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