Why you money grabbing…

Now we all know that video games make a lot of money these days. And while I’d rather not admit it, most of the big companies will probably only focus on the money aspect of video games, rather than make video games because they love doing it and love their products, and so are probably slightly evil. However, I can usually pretend it’s not true because I’ve never really seen any of the big companies (at least the ones I am in love with: Bethesda, Bioware etc) do anything particularly bad.

Well apparently for Arkham City, Warner Bros have made it so that Catwoman is playable in the campaign. Now we knew that, so whats the problem? The problem is that when you buy the game new, you get a code unlocking the catwoman missions. That means that if you buy second hand, you can’t get catwoman. Unless of course you are willing to spend an extra 800 microsoft points (£8) to get her.

Now of course I won’t have any problems with this as I will be getting it new… But I have to say this is definitely money grabbing at it’s finest. You either HAVE to buy it new in order to get all the content we assumed would come with the game, or you have to pay extra on XBL. Ah well… it will take a lot more than that to get Rocksteady out of my good books…

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