Modern Warfare 3 Live Action Trailer

Despite Tim’s insistence that no one really cares about Modern Warfare 3, I do! I mean I have said it before that I, like him, lean towards thinking that Battlefield 3 would be the better of the two (inb4 shitstorm) I have never, ever thought that Modern Warfare 3 was a game to be discounted, ignored or that it would be bad.

Sure it’s only too likely that it will be basically a nicer looking Modern Warfare 2 with more explosions (and more controversy) but dammitall! Modern Warfare 2 was good! Plus having enjoyed both previous Modern Warfares a great deal, I rather would like to finish the trilogy.

With that in mind, in honour of the impending release date (I.e. tomorrow, the 8th of November), I have decided to show you guys another trailer, again featuring live action and therefore copious amounts of awesome.

Check it out!

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