GOG has the best deal for The Witcher 2 ever!

GOG do insist that this will be the best deal on The Witcher 2 that will be around this year, and it’s getting mighty late for anyone else to challenge that. This IS a deal that will only last a VERY short amount of time though ladies and gents so if you at all are interested in cheap games, The Witcher, The Witcher 2 and various other games by various different developers then you should click “read more” without delay!

The website announces here the various deals and offers they will be running over the coming weeks. But here is the short version:

  • First off: The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings is really cheap here with a discount of 40% meaning it is only $23.99! Or somewhere around £17 (if my guess is correct)! This deal will be available until 10.59 GMT on 10 December (I.e. TOMORROW)! But wait there’s more! If you buy The Witcher 2 while this deal is on you also get a completely free copy of The Witcher Enhanced Edition! That is a pretty amazing deal! So you might want to look into it folks!
  • Secondly of all: They are going to be giving away codes for various games  including Masters of Orion I and II and Realms of Arkania I and II over the coming weeks. I’m not sure if there is some pre-existing condition but it’s definitely worth a look!
  • Thirdly of all: Starting on Monday 12 December at 11.00 GMT until Wednesday 14 December at 10.59 GMT they will be giving out completely free copies of Empire Earth: Gold Edition to EVERYONE!
  • Finally: they will have every other game in their catalogue at a massive 50% discount from Monday until the 2nd of January.
Wow… Now I don’t know about you guys but those deals are enough to set my gamer sense tingling… And I wasn’t even that interested in the Witcher beforehand, and I’ve never even heard of Realms of Arkania or Masters of Orion…
This does seem to me like an awfully good deal! Look into it now before it’s too late!!

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