Sleeping Dogs also known as True Crime: Hong Kong

Square Enix have recently announced that they are nearly finished making Sleeping Dogs. A crime based martial arts sort of game that originally existed as True Crime: Hong Kong. In the game you take the role of an undercover police officer Wei Shan who goes around trying to take down the Hong Kong Triads.

With his bare hands!

Seriously the game seems mostly based around martial arts and, according to Square Enix London Studios general manager Lee Singleton, it has one of the best melee combat systems out right now. Although he would say that. No bias there what-so-ever!

Anyway, there isn’t really that much information out there about it yet except for a Live Action trailer. However, being live action it doesn’t really tell us anything about the game… Other than that you might get to use cleavers, knives and guns occasionally along with your fists.

It’s pretty cool I’ll tell you hwhat!

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