PS3’s Birthday

Today marks the 5th Birthday of the PS3 in Europe.

I’ve always had a rocky relationship with the PS3. I never got it at it’s release, no saw any need to. As far as I was concerned the Xbox 360 was superior and the PS3 simply way too expensive. This poor relationship continued (even after I realised that the PS3’s technical specs were better than the 360’s in every way) due to the initial lack of games which made use of the PS3’s excellent Blu-Ray technology.

Since then, I like to think I’ve matured as well as aged. I’m well aware that the PS3 is an excellent console with, finally, a wide-array of games which make use of it’s higher-end technology. It’s Blu-Ray disk drive means it can still play the higher end games which the Xbox struggles with and, what’s more, it isn’t showing it’s age as much.

But wait… The PS3 has games?!?


Okay, so maybe I haven’t matured THAT much…

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