Diary of a Civilization (VI) – Part 1


Welcome disciples to my Civilization 6 diary where I intend on playing through one full campaign. I am playing on the “Emperor” difficult as our one and only Gandhi. Let us begin.


Ah such humble beginnings, it appears that the gods have favoured our start in this world, the nearby river should provide fresh water for our settlement, there are luxury rice fields to take advantage of, copper and stone too that will increase our settlements output, I think this would be a sensible place to begin our civilization.


And thus we founded Delhi, hopefully we will soon become a place of pilgrimage for religions around the world! Our noble warriors adventured forth to map some of the surrounding land mass, stumbling across the city state of Amsterdam. Our science and culture has been working towards religious and peaceful means of securing a place amongst the top civilizations. civilizationvi-2016-11-01-18-38-33-61

Before long our scouts had scoured the surrounding areas and we met a couple more city states, along with two other mighty civilizations, Surramesh and the Aztecs. Both appear to be hospitable however the Aztec nation has a large force amounting to the north of Stockholm. Our military at this point is.. well non-existent. Our pursuit of peace and religion has left our borders completely undefended. One can hope that nobody realises this error…

Delhi meanwhile is growing into a bustling city, complete with a scientific centre and a holy site, with our religion focused around quarries we have a steady increase of faith. However upon closer inspection of the Surramesh empire, we are seriously behind in advancement and power. In fact, we are seriously behind almost every empire in almost every respect making me believe there is some kind of foul play going on..civilizationvi-2016-11-01-19-10-18-37However we push on, our current attempts to start a religion have been thwarted by competing nations and we have no military force. We stumble across the French in a far away land that also have a significant and strong military and large controlled land mass. Gandhi is getting worried. At this rate, Delhi will be a lone city barely worth a look in this game of competing nations.

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