5 Games in 5 Minutes – Clustertruck, Book of Demons, Full Mojo Rampage, Rogue Wizards, Slime Rancher

5 Games in 5 MinutesAs part of the ongoing attempt to spruce up MMGaming, to produce better, more informative and more amusing content, we present the first of a new series. Check it out after the jump and enjoy!

5 Games in 5 Minutes does exactly what it says on the tin. We have a number of games which we are either too busy or are simply not worth playing fully. With these games it is difficult to provide a full and accurate review. So, instead, we briefly play the game (enough to garner a decent first impression) and then quickly give you the run-down in one minute. It is designed to give you a quick impressions of a few smaller games to see whether or not it will pique your fancy.

Of course it is completely possible that some games we cover in 5G5M will catch more of our interest in which case you can possibly expect a bit more coverage of them in the form of a full Final Thoughts On (or in the case of Early Access titles a My Thoughts On) or even a written review.

In this episode of 5 Games in 5 Minutes, Tim will give us a quick look at the following games:

Clustertruck by Landfall Games: a 3D reactionary platformer.

Book of Demons by Return2Games: a dungeon crawler reminiscent of Diablo with deck-building and cute paper cut-out graphics.

Full Mojo Rampage by Over The Top Games: a top down bullet-hell roguelike.

Rogue Wizards by Spellbind Studios: a turn-based, roguelike dungeon crawler.

Slime Rancher by Monomi Park: you make a ranch… For Slimes…

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