League of Legends: Dominion

Yes that time has finally come. League of Legends Dominion is now available to play. It is simply a Capture & Hold on a new map (Crystal Scar). This new addition to the already massive accomplishment that is League of Legends really does send the game beyond amazing. Amazing is actually an understatement! The games are shorter, lasting only Continue reading


Gatling Gears Review

Gatling Gears is a simple third person shooter game. You take the role as Max, an ex-pilot for the Empire. Now when I say pilot I don’t mean planes, you drive a walker. One similar to an AT-ST walker in Star Wars. Yes, you get to control the walker and you have some weapons on board to shoot the bad guys. You have a Gatling gun (left mouse button), cannons (right mouse button), grenades (space bar) and a shock bomb (shift button) which can only be used once every level.

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League of Legends Review

League of Legends is a free online multi-player RTS (real-time strategy). Player are formed into two teams, either a 3v3 or 5v5 depending on the map. You control 1 of (currently as of August 2011) 81 champions and each champion is different in their own way. Different spells, different attributes, different strengths, each champion can contribute to the team in their own way. This makes the variations of a team numerous and will ensure you will encounter something new every game as no two players are ever the same. All champions level up throughout each game, starting at 1 (obviously) and maxing to 18, at every level you can improve a spell making it stronger and more effective. To gain experience to level up you have to go about killing minions and champions. Games can last from 20min to an average of 45min. Since this is online there are patches coming out all the time updating the game; bringing new characters, items and soon a new map and game type. As stated before you are in teams of 3 or 5 and teamwork is essential if you want to win, and should you ever have to fight missing a person it gets even more… challenging. Continue reading