League of Legends: Dominion

Yes that time has finally come. League of Legends Dominion is now available to play. It is simply a Capture & Hold on a new map (Crystal Scar). This new addition to the already massive accomplishment that is League of Legends really does send the game beyond amazing. Amazing is actually an understatement! The games are shorter, lasting only about 20min, they are banned some items and brought in news ones which only be used in Dominion. Don’t worry, the good old favourites are still there like Trinity Blade, Bloodthirster, Frozen Mallet, etc.

So, you start off at level 3 and more gold than you do in a Classic game, also you contained at the base so that you can sort everything out and if you can organize tactics. Then off you go to the whole new world. As said before this is Capture & Hold game so having the majority of capture points will damage the enemy nexus. The capture points act like turrets and spawn areas for your minions which will then attack other capture points. There are 5 capture points on the edges of the map and in the center is a jungle where there are buffs like health packs, speed buffs and a big one, which gives you a shield and increased stats.

Now believe me when i say that this game is perfect for the expression “it’s not over till the fat lady sings”. No matter how badly the enemy is beating you there is always a chance to catch up, I played a game where there enemy was simply steaming ahead and it looked useless to fight back but we did and pulled it back and took lead! Now the enemy was left behind in our dust and just at the last second the enemy had a great burst and literally just won. This is due to the fact that during Dominion you have slightly increased abilities like armor and magic penetration, you generate experience and gold a lot faster. This means even if the enemy slaughtering you, you will still be in the game be even with all the set backs.

You can assume that this is another game which teamwork will pay off with a win items which you choose can either benefit or hinder you but this is not to say that it spoils the fun. It is just a little quirk that you will never really notice. With a shorter game time you would expect it would lack the number of teamfights that Classic has. Wrong! It has all the teamfights you want, you will actually see a lot more skirmishes, so 2v1, 3v2 or if you’re unlucky 2v4 happen more often. A new feature in Dominion is “personal score” which calculates what you’ve done, like defending a post, killing/assisting a champion, killing minions, whatever you do you will probably get points for it. I think this is brilliant. Unlike in the Classic, you actually get credit for defending, so you can actually see who did well for their team so it’s not just about the kill/death ratio. The scenery actually moves, so at the drill the drill and diggers move, at the windmill the windmill spins.

All of this, leads to an exciting new area of League of Legends. The best way to describe Dominion is it is League Legends on speed. It will leave you heart pounding in your mouth and wanting more. The short games, totally new items and tactics mean fill the spots that i found League of Legends to be missing. This now includes Dominion and League of Legends on a whole now.




I just wanted to say i completely agree with Sam. This is a completely new experience in LoL that rushes right into the action and always leaves you wanting one more game. While we will have to wait and see if the novelty wears off, I honestly think this mode is a keeper. Now we just have to wait to see how the pro players develop tactics for it!


Rating: A+






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