Why Wildstar?

If you’ve read the start of my recent Retrospectacle on World of Warcraft then you might understand that both Tim and I were big time fans of Blizzard’s MMO. We loved that game and everything about it and both of us, at one point or another, reached the end-game raiding content (even getting quite far at […]

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    Hi guys! Long time no see. Just popping in to talk to you quickly about a website called techfastclub.com. It’s a sweet website that provides information on all manner of tech, games and other interesting information! They also recently featured us in a podcast which you can check out here  

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Endweek News

You will have, obviously noticed that last week we had no news on Sunday and that this week we actually had no news on Wednesday either. And there are very good reasons for both of these things. As you might be aware I am in the middle of my exam period and I’m finding it […]

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