Song of the Week – Mass Effect dubstepz

It’s that time of the week again folks. Actually, I’ve been wanting to say something about that… But first let’s get the tunes going!

This week I’ve got two things to offer you! First I have some official Bioware Dubstep! Bioware stuck pieces of footage from a variety of their trailers for Mass Effect 3 and then put some rather cool wubwubwub over the top of it. Excellent! The bad news on that score is that I couldn’t find the video on Youtube, so I can only provide you with a link to that. So as a peace offering I chose one of the Mass Effect dubsteps on Youtube and have embedded that instead! Two pieces of music! You lucky thing you!

First off, here is the link to the official Mass Effect 3 dubstep by Bioware! If anyone finds a link to this on Youtube I’d be rather grateful if you could point me in it’s direction!

EDIT – Tim found the link (at the bottom) so I’ll embed that as well!

Before I embed the other video though, I just want to make a small¬†announcement: it was actually an accident that caused the “Song of the Week” series to start coming out on Mondays. We had initially intended to get them out on Fridays (you know, for the weekend). Basically that means that I will either start a “new” Song of the Week series this coming Friday or a week on Friday. Just so you know!

Anyway, here is the embedded video of some more wubwub! You can also check out the channel of the Joeyhr518 here!

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