What Do You Want From MMGaming?



 Hey readers, we love writing for you – its true. But we want to know what you’d like to see on the site! Yes we can see what people look at using the stats wordpress provides but it isn’t as effective as asking you directly. So please, if you could find the time to comment and say what you would like to see from us it would be great. Polls? More reviews? More diaries? Video reviews? More youtube stuff? Guides?

Let us know!

If you have more private or detailed things you would like us to take a look at please email myself at tim.mottram@mmgaming.net or our contact email contact@mmgaming.net


ThatForrow’s Demo Time


Hey folks, you may have remembered this interesting and funny romp through one of Skyrim’s dungeons with up-and-coming funny man Gary Forrow. Well he has struck again and this one is better than the last.

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ThatForrow’s Unarmed Badass


Hey folks! I am back and ready for action after a grueling few weeks of pretending to revise. The exams are over and this means I can slumber back into my cave of gaming and actually bring you some interesting news/reviews and videos! So what have we got here..  A dedicated fellow Scotsman and follower of MMGaming has started producing Lets Play videos?  Oh how excellent. His first video is a romp through Bleak Falls Barrow in Skyrim in which he kills everything.. with his fists. An entertaining watch with some classic lines check it out after the jump!

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Bioshock Infinite Teaser Trailer

Featuring a montage of gameplay footage, a soft and light-hearted piece of music and a buxom sorceress the new VGA Trailer for Bioshock Infinite features a full 1 minute, 12 seconds of video awesome.

After Bioshock 2 my excitement for Bioshock games has been tempered with an attitude of “it’s always going to be the same” but I have to say… My hopes are rising that Bioshock Infinite might bring completely new and fresh air to the Bioshock series (pun intended)… I now eagerly await the day where I can once again carve my way through splicers and splice myself to oblivion… Especially if it’s all for the buxom sorceress… Check the trailer after the jump!

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Video Diaries… Mmm Delicious

Some of you may have been keeping up with my delightful Gears of War 3 Diary (if you haven’t you can check Days 1 and 2 here, Day 3 here and Day 4 here) but perhaps for some of you reading is a chore which you would rather not do on too regular a basis.

Well fear not my friends! On our Youtube channel Tim has been hacking his way through Dead Island with his roomate Jamie and he’s been filming it for our loving public. Aren’t you lucky? You can view the videos on our channel or here after the jump! You can also check out our review of Dead Island here!

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Achron: Full of Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Stuff

Ok, let me get one thing clear off the bat. I am well aware that some people will skip straight to the bottom to get the “short version” and just read the rating but I am going to assume that if you have read this far, you are going to read the rest of the review! The other thing I want to say is that I liked Achron, but in what is fast becoming my fashion I will likely spend a large amount of time in this review poking holes in it. Don’t be discouraged though! For I have broken my spree of “games I didn’t really like” in Achron because I DID like it. Continue reading

Spooky Mansion of Spookiness


I’m playing more Vampire: The masquerade Bloodlines. Cos’ its awesome. So yes i thought i should share with you this video of me doing a quest involving a ghost in a mansion. This game is years old but i still might write up a quick impressions since i really am getting into it. The video is below and it contains much swearing and crying like a female.

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