Bioshock Infinite Teaser Trailer

Featuring a montage of gameplay footage, a soft and light-hearted piece of music and a buxom sorceress the new VGA Trailer for Bioshock Infinite features a full 1 minute, 12 seconds of video awesome.

After Bioshock 2 my excitement for Bioshock games has been tempered with an attitude of “it’s always going to be the same” but I have to say… My hopes are rising that Bioshock Infinite might bring completely new and fresh air to the Bioshock series (pun intended)… I now eagerly await the day where I can once again carve my way through splicers and splice myself to oblivion… Especially if it’s all for the buxom sorceress… Check the trailer after the jump!

P.s. if you don’t get the “buxom sorceress” gag, you need to check out Tobuscus’s literal trailer for the game!

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