Video Mondaily – Lots of Torchlight 2

Hey folks! Yeah we’re finally back after over two weeks of not posting we ought to be getting back into the game (pun intended). Seriously though the past few weeks have been a mixture of distractions, everyone being busy and most of us being lazy and so we haven’t been posting, I know it’s been ever longer than that since we’ve had some News, but hey… I was in holiday mode! Seriously though we ought to be getting back into the posting business properly round about now as we have all now settled into our respective Uni’s and are ready to work on things both Work and Game wise. Just as importantly we are already getting some great videos onto Youtube for you to check out! And today we have a rather nice little selection of videos for you to check out.

Gary and Tim were lucky enough to start playing Torchlight 2, the top down RPG similar to Diablo 3, from Runic Games and have already created a number of cool little videos. Each video features a different encounter or a different challenge and most are conducted with the two of them mostly muddling their way through! So, short and sweet and you can check them out after the jump! Enjoy my friends! And remember to keep coming back for more!

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XBLA various titles given release dates

Microsoft have announced the release date of a number of big titles coming to the Xbox Live Arcade soon.

First and foremost amongst these is the eagerly awaited Xbox version of the hit indie game Minecraft. Coming to XBLA, the Xbox version of Minecraft will cost 1600 Microsoft points and becomes available on the 9th of May this year

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Halo Combat Evolved: Achievements

Yeah, the Anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved will have achievements! But then every game does these days so I’m not sure if people are taking this as a surprise or inevitable. I mean, I know it’s just a remake of an older game, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be modernised. So yeah I’m going with absolutely no surprise whatsoever.

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