XBLA various titles given release dates

Microsoft have announced the release date of a number of big titles coming to the Xbox Live Arcade soon.

First and foremost amongst these is the eagerly awaited Xbox version of the hit indie game Minecraft. Coming to XBLA, the Xbox version of Minecraft will cost 1600 Microsoft points and becomes available on the 9th of May this year

Before that is released though, the 18th of April will herald the arrival of the the stunt bike game Trials Evolution, followed a week later (the 25th) by hack-and-slasher Bloodforge. Both of these are priced at 1200 Microsoft points.

And finally on the 2nd of May the Fable spin-off: Fable Heroes will be released for a further 800 Microsoft points.

It’s actually around this time that I feel I ought to mention that as of this season all XBLA games will allow the player to earn 400 Gamerpoints from achievements. Doubled from the previous maximum of 200 for an XBLA game this was recently announced and implemented by Microsoft, so to those fellow achievement junkies out there: Go get those points!

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