Endweek News – A writer sues Ubisoft, Halo 4 get’s a release date, Trailers for God of War and 0x10c are everywhere and Arkham City content get’s teased

Once again (due to the excuses I lined out last week) I again failed to post any Midweek News this past week. As well as that, this session of Endweek News was hastily researched and thrown together, you’ll just have to forgive me for these things as I have been rather busy. That said most of the news from this past week is actually trailers and other videos, so less reading for you guys. I will say no more on it but jump straight into the news!

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Endweek News (unfortunately late) – Much releases and trailers, some early 0x10c screenshots, a new Borderlands character and some Bullshit Excuses

A number of you might have noticed the conspicuous absence of any Midweek News this past week. Well I fear those sharp-eyed amongst you to have spotted that will probably spot similar things again over the coming weeks due to a number of excuses that we at MMGaming have. Very good excuses actually, I’ll have you know! We can’t spend all our time playing games and talking about them…

Ye gods! What the hell am I saying?!?

Levity aside, it’s actually true. Nick and Josh both have commitments outside of the world of gaming which make the time they can spend on MMGaming fairly limited and me and Tim have now, once again, entered that foul time period known to all in University… Yes my friends we are once again preparing for exams and Tim at least won’t be posting AT ALL while doing so. Coincidentally we both finish on the 14th of May so you should see a return to normal around then.

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A Walk in the Dark – Sidescrolling has never felt this emotional

What we have here is a trailer for an upcoming sidescroller called Walk in the Dark (it features gameplay footage) which actually did leave me feeling oddly emotional after watching it. The combination of sad music and creepy graphics just give it an impressively eerie feel, even if the gameplay itself doesn’t look all that special.

With a release date of sometime this year, this is another indie game that might be worth checking out folks. Check it out after the jump.

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Syndicate looks Awesome

Something which has literally just jumped onto my radar is the up-coming FPS Syndicate, a reboot of a 1993 tactical shooter. Due out on the 21st of February and made by Starbreeze Studios it’s a game which apparently combines the cool sci-fi feel of Mass Effect and the intense shooting action of Crysis.

Having had a look at the announcement trailer and a trailer for the 4-player co-op (both of which solely feature in game-footage) I have to say it really does look pretty fucking awesome. I’d definitely suggest keeping an eye on this and watching the trailers after the jump!

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The Hobbit Movie Trailer

I had to post this. I’m sorry it’s not related to games. But it is simply necessary. No, more than that… It is absolutely VITAL I make a little post here to tell you that The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is finally nearing completion!

An announcement trailer was released on the 19th by Warner Brothers Entertainment and I have genuinely not been this excited about a film in a very long time. This for me is the Skyrim of films and you can check the trailer after the jump.

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Command and Conquer Generals 2 Announced

So the rumours have proved true… To an extent… Bioware and EA are teaming up to create a new Command and Conquer, that much has been announced. However instead of being called Alliances the new C&C will be called Generals 2!

The game will be designed by a new, special division of Bioware called Bioware Victory and will run on the Frostbite 2 game engine (the same engine as Battlefield 3). An announcement trailer comprised of in-game footage has been released and my oh my does it look rather tasty. Check it out after the jump.

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