The Hobbit Movie Trailer

I had to post this. I’m sorry it’s not related to games. But it is simply necessary. No, more than that… It is absolutely VITAL I make a little post here to tell you that The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is finally nearing completion!

An announcement trailer was released on the 19th by Warner Brothers Entertainment and I have genuinely not been this excited about a film in a very long time. This for me is the Skyrim of films and you can check the trailer after the jump.

Just a little bit of background for you. Called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey the film has once again been directed by Peter Jackson (the guy who did the Lord of the Rings) and most of it has probably been filmed in New Zealand. The film also sees the return of quite a few of the cast from the Lord of the Rings, particularly Ian McKellen as Gandalf. It also introduces Martin Freeman (the guy from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) as Bilbo Baggins.

I want to point out here and now that the Lord of the Rings are my favourite films of all time… OF ALL TIME! And nothing I have ever seen has so much as shook this opinion. Also if any of you have watched the Lord of the Rings “The Making Of”, it is instantly clear that Peter Jackson loved those films and Middle Earth a massive amount. I think that means not only am I absolutely in tears of excitement… But I think my hopes may well be delivered! We can only wait until next it’s release: December 14th 2012 to see if my hopes prove right.

P.s. when watching the trailer be prepared for goosebumps when Howard Shore’s music kicks in…

Thoughts on the trailer

I said I would quite like to start giving little thoughts on the trailers and videos I show you guys. So here is the first. Nothing much to say about this trailer except that it’s fantastically well done… The music and singing of the dwarves sends shivers down my spine and excites me like very few things can. That’s the magic of the music Howard Shore worked (combined with the excellent cinematography of Peter Jackson).

I also want to say that they did a good job in NOT showing Smaug or Dale or anything like that from The Hobbit. I think this heightens my excitement because I just can’t wait to see how they WILL look!

One little thing niggles at me… the name… “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. As it isn’t “There and Back Again” a little wondering thought pops up in my head: “Are they planning to make two films of this or just the one?”

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