Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I hope you all got some lovely presents, I hope you got to spend time with your families and we would like to wish you the very best over the rest of the Holidays! Now Christmas is over though it’s time to play those games we got as presents! Normal cynical service […]

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Changes to the News

We had a plan at MMGaming… We made our posting schedule and we would stick to it! Now, obviously, we aren’t professional writers and so there isn’t nearly enough incentive for us to manage to keep up with the posting every week (especially as we don’t have either the time or money to get enough […]

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In Other News…

I’m not going to make any excuses for the lack of posting here. Frankly I’m still in Holiday mode and so are game developers and publishers. While there is the occasional thing that makes me lift my eyes from Skyrim for a few moments there isn’t anything that I deem really newsworthy. I mean, there’s […]

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