Changes to the News

We had a plan at MMGaming… We made our posting schedule and we would stick to it! Now, obviously, we aren’t professional writers and so there isn’t nearly enough incentive for us to manage to keep up with the posting every week (especially as we don’t have either the time or money to get enough games to keep up) but I would like to think that for the most part we do an acceptable job of keeping up with our schedule. Lately, due to exams both here in the UK and across the pond MMGaming has taken a back-seat for both of the major writers here (I.e. me and Nick) but even so I think we manage acceptable at keeping up… For the most part…

You see, something is terribly wrong here at MMGaming… Every Sunday was supposed to be News day… The Endweek News! Unfortunately, it has been well over four months since I last posted any news at all (minus a catch-up session in mid-October). This is clearly against the natural order of things and must be rectified if balance is to be restored. However, I do feel that changes have to be made and so I am posting this to inform you all of A. Why I Have Been so Quiet With the News and B. What we are Going to do to Rectify This! Read on…

Now for part A.: I could probably list any number of pretty much bullshit excuses for every week of the last four months “Oh I was away on Holiday”, “Oh, I had coursework”, “Oh I was playing games” but honestly there if one reason why I haven’t been doing the News: I cannot… Be bothered… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed writing the News, I enjoyed posting it and I really enjoyed entertaining the thought that some people actually read it. The trouble is, most weeks I was generally writing in between 2500 and 3000 words for the News, which is more than I have to write for most of my University essays. So while I did feel a sense of pride and joy  in my work it was also a god-awful struggle making myself spend THAT much time writing out THAT much stuff…

As I already mentioned, we are not professional writers, we aren’t getting paid for this. We do this because we enjoy writing about games (and game related stuff) and because we all quite like seeing those articles with our names on them up on the internet. We are doing this for ourselves, we don’t really have any illusions about how many people actually read this (even this particular article might be a little on the pointless side). So when it comes down to that it has to be said that if I was no longer enjoying writing the News then there was, quite frankly, really no point in doing it any more.

So there you have it, no more News. Partially due to my inherent laziness and partially due to the fact that the novelty of writing such long posts wore off pretty damn fast.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! You see, I personally felt that I wanted there to be a News post each week on MMGaming. If I had unlimited time I would have kept up with the old Endweek News, but seeing as I don’t we have had to have a brainstorm to try and come up with ways that I could keep up posting News without losing the enjoyment I get from the writing.

Which brings us to part B.: In order to try and start up the News again there were two main options (considering that the old Endweek News system was just not working): I could either return to the original News system of posting bits and pieces of News every day, or we could change the format of the Endweek News. And most of us were in favour of the latter.

So, after a bit of deliberation, Nick hit upon the idea of simply shortening the News and so that is why the old Endweek News system is soon going to be reinvented as:

The Endweek News! Seb’s Top 5!


Essentially, our plan is that instead of the ridiculously long News Post I would look through the News of each week and post only the FIVE most interesting stories (or what I deemed most interesting). This would mean we keep up with the best of the News and I don’t have to write an essay every week! Now this system might prove as fallible as the last, but it’s definitely worth a shot if nothing else! I might still do the Colour Me Intrigued, Release Date City and Videos & Trailers segments as well as the News, but maybe less often. We will have to see how it goes!


One last thing, I post this now so that you can understand what we’ve been doing and what our plans are regarding the News. I say plans because this won’t be starting quiiite yet. You see it is, as I have said, exam period and that will be followed by the Christmas period and I don’t see myself writing much during these times. So our plan for the Seb’s Top 5 is in place, but it won’t be hitting the interwebs until after the New Year! Good times ahead though my friends! Looking forward to it!


Seb out!

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