Endweek News – Assassin’s Creed lawsuit not quite finished yet, What is this E3 thing?, a new Gears of War and some truly awesome videos!

It is that time of week where once again I delve into the grim and gritty business of video game news. It’s a cut-throat world out there, a game eat game world. A world in which only the fittest and most awesome games survive. And Call of Duty of course (OOoooh! ZING!). But seriously, it’s not really that bad (well not for everyone) and we’ve got some pretty interesting bits and pieces of news to regale you with today. Also I want to make it clear that the above video is indeed sort of relevant to this post as you shall find out later (if you read through this!)

So, what’s new Gamers?

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DotA 2 – The Master Returns

Yeah Defence of the Ancients 2 isn’t actually called “The Master Returns”. That’s just me being clever. You will understand in a minute. Anyway, I wanted to make a newspost saying that there is now both a trailer and apparently a fast approaching Beta release date. Icefrog (from Valve Software… you know… the developers…) has said the following:
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