Dr. Who The Eternity Clock Monsters Trailer

Take it as a level of my commitment that when I found no really interesting news I decided to post something slightly less interesting and have posted the latest trailer for Dr. Who The Eternity Clock, a side-scrolling platformer due out on PC, Vitalite and PSN later this year.

Okay, I actually do my best to be professional and you know what? I love Dr. Who, I’m not going to lie. The trailer I’m about to show you actually looks like it might have some promise as well. I just tend to be sceptic about games based on books, films or (in this case) TV shows. So, by all means, open your mind and check out some wibbly-wobbley-timey-wimey stuff. But I’m going to take it with a big ol’ pinch of salt.

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Weeping Angels MOD


Fuck! Fucking hell! Those guys scare the piss out of me! I’m serious these guys were some of the most intelligently done monsters in Dr. Who. Actually they are amongst the top scariest monsters of all time if you ask me. And now there is a mod that adds them into Minecraft. Obviously you have to have nerves of steel and cojones bigger than Machete’s to even consider going up against the Weeping Angels, so I’d like to give a medal to anyone who actually does!

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