Weeping Angels MOD


Fuck! Fucking hell! Those guys scare the piss out of me! I’m serious these guys were some of the most intelligently done monsters in Dr. Who. Actually they are amongst the top scariest monsters of all time if you ask me. And now there is a mod that adds them into Minecraft. Obviously you have to have nerves of steel and cojones bigger than Machete’s to even consider going up against the Weeping Angels, so I’d like to give a medal to anyone who actually does!

For those of you who don’t know the Weeping Angels have appeared in a few different episodes of Dr. Who (introduced in an episode called Blink). Now I was up until the latest series (where things just got TOO ridiculous for words) a pretty big fan of Dr. Who, but these guys were just such a smart idea. Basically the weeping angels are a weird sort of monster/alien that can only move or do anything whatsoever when nothing can see them. As soon as anyone can actually see them, they turn into statues of (well I would have assumed it obvious) a weeping angel. They gave some sort of ridiculous Dr. Who-esque reason for it, some sort of interdimensional time-lock or whatever (Dr. Who has never really been designed to be taken seriously). But the idea is just SO clever. It means that you never see the monsters moving which adds so much to the scare factor of any creature (that’s why the first Alien film was the best, because you never really saw the damn thing)… And then whenever you turn your back on them for a split second they come over and tear your spine out through your face. It was easily one of the scariest episodes I’ve ever seen and it didn’t involve any animation or gore. Overall… they are brilliant!

And so some smart person saw fit to chuck them into Minecraft for Halloween, because you know… Halloween used to be about actually scaring people!

If at all interested you should check out the Mod Spotlight done by BlueXephos (under here) and of that doesn’t send you running, screaming and crying for the hills you can try downloading and installing the Mod from here!

So why don’t you comment here and tell us about any interesting Minecraft Mods you’ve tried out and would recommend! Or if you have any interesting stories surrounding Minecraft!

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