Endweek News – A writer sues Ubisoft, Halo 4 get’s a release date, Trailers for God of War and 0x10c are everywhere and Arkham City content get’s teased

Once again (due to the excuses I lined out last week) I again failed to post any Midweek News this past week. As well as that, this session of Endweek News was hastily researched and thrown together, you’ll just have to forgive me for these things as I have been rather busy. That said most of the news from this past week is actually trailers and other videos, so less reading for you guys. I will say no more on it but jump straight into the news!

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Mass Effect 3 Prizes and Goodies nomnomnom

Microsoft are in the process of trying to create EVEN MORE hype for Mass Effect 3. Pfft like that’s possible… Anyway their new attempt involves a Facebook app called Mission Command. After giving EA access to your Facebok details by signing up for the app you can do a series of “missions” including getting your friends to like the page, posting pick-up lines for Liara and apparently downloading the demo or sharing videos/pictures of you pretending to be in Mass Effect.

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SOPA: Right, fuck this! Let’s Riot!

Picture semi-related…

Okay so this might instantly strike you as not a very serious post but I absolutely urge you to take a minute to read this and to take this seriously because we might well be seeing that start of something truly horrific. The destruction of free speech and free will that the internet allows… Now this is first and foremost a gaming website but I (alongside other gamers out there actually) have to say that this is definitely worth making a post about and as such definitely worth a look.

Now I will do my best to explain SOPA but, for reasons I will mention in the next paragraph, I am definitely not the most advised person on this subject. I suggest you skip to the bottom of the post and check out the videos I post there or that you go here: http://americancensorship.org/ What I am doing right now is simply trying to make anyone reading this more aware of what’s going on (everyone should be told) and you should do the same! Watch the videos and then tell everyone you can to check out the site I just linked!

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Now What?

Well, I said I would announce the winners to our Sword of the Stars Competition over the weekend. Unfortunately several wild distractions appeared in the form of coursework. The coursework then used “Due Date Monday” and it was super effective. So I couldn’t get round to announcing who had won the competition. Continue reading