Mass Effect 3 Prizes and Goodies nomnomnom

Microsoft are in the process of trying to create EVEN MORE hype for Mass Effect 3. Pfft like that’s possible… Anyway their new attempt involves a Facebook app called Mission Command. After giving EA access to your Facebok details by signing up for the app you can do a series of “missions” including getting your friends to like the page, posting pick-up lines for Liara and apparently downloading the demo or sharing videos/pictures of you pretending to be in Mass Effect.

The first prize you can win is a Normandy prop for your X-Box Avatar, which is also offered in the Mass Effect Collectors Edition, and supposedly there is a chance you can win a special Mass Effect X-Box and Kinect along with the game itself.

Now I personally am going to try to avoid doing this but DAMN if it isn’t tempting… I mean c’mon… Mass Effeeeeeect…

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