Song of the Week: MMGaming goes all Festive

Actually we have two songs for you to enjoy here! One is to hammer home the fact that Christmas will be in just over a week! Huzzah! Presents! The other song is just because it’s awesome and to do with Gaming! Huzzah! Gaming!

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Left 4 Dead Fan Film in the works

If you are after your daily dose of awesome then look no further! For I have here a teaser trailer for an upcoming fan-film of Left 4 Dead! Directed by a bloke called Adrian Picardi, along with a group called Airsoft GI, the film is apparently coming “soon”. The teaser trailer I have for you after the jump admittedly doesn’t show all that much, but it does hint at what could well be a pretty awesome fan-film.

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Half Life Awesomeness

Today I’m coming at you with an absolutely awesome Half-Life based, fan-made, live action video! The short film is supposed to be a “trailer” for the original Half-Life released oh so many years ago and was created by InfectiousDesigner, the same people who made Half-Life: Beyond Black Mesa.

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