Half Life Awesomeness

Today I’m coming at you with an absolutely awesome Half-Life based, fan-made, live action video! The short film is supposed to be a “trailer” for the original Half-Life released oh so many years ago and was created by InfectiousDesigner, the same people who made Half-Life: Beyond Black Mesa.

Wait you haven’t seen Beyond Black Mesa? Holy shit I should show you that too! It’s also fucking awesome! Beyond Black Mesa is a video set 5 years after the Combine invasion of Earth and follows some freedom fighting antics of some of the Resistance. And it rocks. While Half Life: Origins just follows Gordon Freeman as he heads to work… For the LAST time! And you know what it’s awesome too!

As a fan of everything Half-Life I really appreciate these videos, and those of you who follow MMGaming will know of my appreciation for live-action trailers as well. So it’s doubly awesome form my point of view!

Anyway check them out now!

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