Game of Thrones: Riverspring Trailer

The title here says it all. It’s a trailer for the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG and it introduces a city called Riverspring which is ruled over by a family called the Sarwycks.

Wait hang on, they’ve actually decided to introduce MORE characters to the Song of Ice and Fire? And a whole town that DOESN’T appear on any maps of Westeros so far. I would’ve thought that with hundreds of characters who aren’t main characters in the books to choose from and a whole world of detailed cities and towns, they wouldn’t need to create a whole new town and family House for it.

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Game of Thrones RPG Trailer

I was so damn tempted to make some joke about the Stark’s motto “Winter is Coming”. However when you look at the fact that pretty much EVERY gaming website has made some play on it already it struck me that this particular twist on it was the most relevant thing I could come up with!

Anyway the RPG by Cyanide Studios now has a new trailer and some of the details of the game have been announced. And at the end of the trailer it DOES say “Winter is Coming” thus the whole thing about jokes…

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