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Bioshock Infinite Gameplay!

September 19, 2011 Leave a comment

We are slowly drawing ever nearer to the release of Bioshock Infinite. The third game in the epic series by Irrational Games. The news I have for you here isn’t exactly new but I figured it was worth making a post about it. Read more…


Words cannot describe my excitement… so here are some gameplay videos (and a map)!

September 13, 2011 2 comments

It appears Seb isn’t the only one eagerly awaiting the release of Bethesda’s latest masterpiece. That may seem a little presumtuous to call it a masterpiece before I’ve even had a chance to lay it but after viewing these gameplay demos there is little doubt in my mind that this game will easily live up to my expectations. Roll on 11/11/11 !

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Leaked BF3 Footage



Come on people, get it while its hot!

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Me play ARMA 2 Free

Loaded it up and got stuck in there. Check check checkin’ it out…

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Project Zomboid First Impressions

July 18, 2011 1 comment

Project Zomboid is a really new top down Zombie Survival Game. In the process of being created by Indiestone Studios it hasn’t even reached the Alpha stage of development yet, and is in a “Pre-Alpha” Stage. Frankly it’s almost like they made up a random title of what stage of development it was in so that they could still show it off. And show it off they can!

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My First Life (Dungeons of Dredmor)

Well i just picked up Dungeons of Dredmor today with Seb and i decided to jump in and have a game without knowing anything. Here is the results of my first death.

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