Video Mondaily – Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sir you are being hunted wallpaper


Video Mondaily

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a first person shooter set in a randomly generated British-style country full of forests, small villages, roads and all the sort of quintessential “British” rural necessities (or at least I believe that is what they were aiming for). Oh, plus there’s robots. The game is based around an alternate dimension sort-of-thing that the player has been teleported to in which you are the only human and steam-punk robots have taken over and are now trying to relocate your head from your shoulders. Plus they have top-hats, so they can’t be that bad.

It’s being designed and created by Big Robot, a small indie company started (as far as I am aware) by one of the major writers from Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Jim Rossingol. It’s a game which was on Kickstarter a while back and has gameplay that seems to be fairly inspired by the survival elements of DayZ.

Basically, it sounds awesome, has the potential to be awesome and if the gameplay seen thus far is anything to go by: is actually awesome.

Tim Kickstarted the game way back when and so he is now one of the lucky ones to be in the open Alpha of the game. It’s still in development, far from being finished and a lot more will probably be added and changed over the coming development. However, it still looks great and each episode is well worth the watch. Enjoy!

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