Skyrim Review

This review is quite simply born of¬†necessity. Both me and Tim have played Skyrim and it won our 2011 Game of the Year Award. Really though it’s hard to write something about the game that hasn’t been said already. Because it’s just so damned easy to rave and drool over Skyrim. Hell, if you need […]

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Skyrim: 2012 is full of WIN!

This short video created by the GroBroPros¬†is set in Skyrim, except in 2012. And it is absolutely amazing! Not only is it fantastically well done and completely awesome. But it also takes the mickey in a way that is just so damn amusing! Honestly I cannot rave about this more. it has to be one […]

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Dungeon Defenders Review

I fear that I will be a disappointment to you guys here because I fear that this will not be a “proper” MMGaming review. In every MMGaming review so far we’ve always made sure to point out every niggardly detail that bothered us, even if it was that we didn’t like the colour of the […]

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