Endweek News – Release Date City, Colour Me Intrigued and Videos

Release Date City

Just one release date for you this week. Developers Ronimo Games have announced that sometime in the next month the successful MOBA, fresh from XBLA and PSN, Awesomenauts will be getting a PC release version on Steam. There is not definite release date yet, but saying “this month” is close enough in my estimation.

Also for those of you who own a Mac there is actually a Mac version in progress as well, so you’ll actually be able to try this one!

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Bioshock Infinite – floating into view

Irrational Games have finally announced the release date for Bioshock Infinite. We can all expect to be blown away by scenery, gunfire and buxom sorceresses on the 19th here in Europe (on PC, XBox and PS3) and a few days earlier on the 16th in North America.

Exciting stuff! I think I might post the gameplay trailer again, just to help get the excitement train rolling! ALL ABOARD! CHOOCHOO!!

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Cinematic Trailer

A new trailer for a new game by Sega. It involves the Aliens that have been fucking up humanity for the last 20 years in a variety of nasty ways and some pretty awesome graphics. Apparently it’s due to come out this Autumn, so those of you who are interested can make a note in your dairies.

Colour me nothing. Don’t get me wrong, the game could well be good. But the last FPS Alien game I played got boring after about 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, it COULD be good. But I’m not going to hold my breath and I will watch it’s development with an interest born only of being interested in games…. The trailer IS cool though…

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Sword of the Stars 2: Release Fail

So last night was the launch of Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter but in all the excitement I seemed to forget that Steam is a lazy, buggy, money grabbing heap of bollocks. Ok that’s not really fair, I mean it is, but on this particular occasion it is probably more the fault of developers at Kerboros or more likely a rushed release by Paradox Interactive. Honestly folks, I’m as information starved as everyone else so it’s hard to point fingers.

“But why all the hostility CrossCrash?” I hear you ask, and let me tell you.
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