Syndicate Co-op Demo coming soon

You remember Syndicate right? The game that I only JUST heard about? Well a co-op demo is coming to XBL and PSN very soon. And when I say very soon I genuinely mean in like the next week or so. My understanding is that the XBL version will be available on the 31st of January while the PSN version will be […]

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Song of the Week is fucking Brutal!

This weeks song of the week is both completely awesome and to prove to you guys that at MMGaming we don’t only like popular stuff like Dubstep and Dance musics! I say “popular” like Heavy Metal isn’t popular… You misunderstand… I mean… Mainstream? Would that fit? Yeah that makes sense. We don’t only like mainstream music here at MMGaming and this […]

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Taste Ma Internetz!

Our new song of the week isn’t really game related. But it is internet related. And as such is completely awesome related! I mean, this is mainly a gaming website, but methinks that we can be nerdy about other things as well!

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