Syndicate Co-op Demo coming soon

You remember Syndicate right? The game that I only JUST heard about? Well a co-op demo is coming to XBL and PSN very soon. And when I say very soon I genuinely mean in like the next week or so. My understanding is that the XBL version will be available on the 31st of January while the PSN version will be avaliable just a scant day later on the 1st of February.

The demo will cover one of the nine co-op challenges that will be present in the full game and will involve stealing some plans and assassinating some boss. I imagine there will also be plenty of ass-kickery as well!

Also, I suppose it’s worth mention that liking the Syndicate Facebook page gives you access to the soundtrack from the original Syndicate remixed by Digitalism, Flux Pavillion and Skrillex! Sounds wubwubworthy!

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