Steam is currently hosting a free weekend for the game Altitude. It’s an indie arena game where you control a plane and kill other planes. There are varying game modes such as straight up deathmatch, Plane ball and Nuclear launch among others. I had a quick go at it clocking in around an hour. Here are my thoughts

I played all the training missions and tried my hand at beating some people online. The controls work smoothly when you know how they work and the mechanics are simple and fun to use. You gain experience when you win games, kill other players and score goals (depending on the objective) when you level up you unlock new abilities you can equip for your plane and even a selection of new planes.

I don’t know if the later level planes are stronger or are just more specialised but I have become a big fan of the Bomber.

The game is actually really fun. Breaking through the enemy bombardment to score a goal is immensely satisfying. Even if you aren’t very good it doesn’t matter.

For me:

Rating: B+

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