Station 37: All in a day’s work for a fireman

Firemen have an incredibly difficult job where they can potentially face danger and maybe even death every day, and I am filled with nothing but the greatest respect for any who would choose to be one of them. After playing Station 37 though my respect has been increased ten-fold…

Station 37 is a completely free indie game where you take on the role of a fireman. The game is a side-scrolling platformer with graphics of a calibre you would expect in such a game. So nothing to exciting there. In the game you simply have to choose a level (a building on fire) and then you have to save the civilians who are trapped inside. It’s a very simple premise and as such the controls are simple as well. Movement is done with the arrow keys (as per usual) and you can jump, spray your fire extinguisher and smash down obstacles with your axe.

You navigate the level putting out fire, avoiding dropping rubble, smashing doors and rubble to try and find the various trapped citizens in the building and once you have found them you pick them up and drag them to your Captain. Then you go back inside to find the others. The level is finished when you have saved everyone.

However, it would appear that not only is danger and death a possibility in a fireman’s life but they also have to deal with Alien invasions, and who knows what other apocalypses, while on the job. This can be seen in the video I made while playing the game for the first time where I was in the process of rescuing a citizen and then had to chop my way through a horde of alien scum to reach the exit. Completely random? Perhaps… but it certainly was a worth a laugh and gave the game another level of amusement.

It IS a very simple game but it is a lot of fun. As an indie game and a side-scroller  it’s not the sort of game I can imagine anyone really spending a great deal of time on but it’s certainly very diverting and good fun to play when you do. I definitely enjoyed it and I reckon that if I get bored during the day, for whatever reason, well I might see if I can’t actually complete the game. So really there isn’t all that much that can be said. It’s a  good fun and amusing little diversion for your day instead of a game that you have to spend a great deal of time on. Moreover, it IS completely free so frankly there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t take a wee look and see if you enjoy the game as well! I would definitely recommend it if you haven’t got anything else to do.

The link where you can find the game and more about it is:

And as I said as it’s free it’s certainly worth a little look.

Also check out my failure of a first attempt at it here (apologies that the sound kind of drowns out what I’m saying, I’m still learning how to use FRAPS):

Rating: C-

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