zOMGies 2: My ROFLections (see what I did there…)

With a name out of a 1960s B-Movie and a ridiculous nature to suit, it would be easy to overlook this game as just another in the endless wave of timekillers coming out of Armor Games. And you’d be right, it is yet another timekiller with no real depth to it… but who said that’s a bad thing?

Described as “The Ultimate Run and Gun Zombie Shooter!” (exclamation mark and all) it certainly does its best to live up to it’s claim. Combining fast paced zombie shooting action with a wide variety of different weapons and enemies this game has all the elements required to make a decent game. Plus a steamroller!

No plot required, just simple yet effective gameplay where quick thinking and genuine skill required to succeed. You move your perpetually running character around the screen avoiding zombies and projectiles whilst your cursor serves as a crosshair to blast their brains out with whatever you happen to be wielding at the time. Throw in some exploding barrels, some fast food and the ‘bonus round’ of driving a vehicle through waves of zombies and hey presto: you’re hooked.  Starting with just a pistol and firecrackers new weapons are unlocked by beating each level, some standard, some a bit more original, all of which I’m going to let you find out for yourself. And you’re going to need them because with new weapons comes new and more challenging zombies.

I’ll warn you now, the game is hard. And that’s just from playing it on the apparently normal setting. In addition there is also an actual ‘hard’ mode and worse still an ‘insane’ mode. Having played Level 1 on insane difficulty I can safely say that it belongs in an institution locked away from mankind. That being said, the game won’t take too long to complete on the normal setting and the harder settings are no different aside from stronger and more numerous zombies and the fact you take damage from running into barrels (while firing a rocket launcher at your feet doesn’t).

If you’re a completionist then you’ll have to invest a fair amount more time into the game. Each level has 10 antidote vials to collect and there is a plethora of achievements to attain. Add in the 3 different difficulties and you’ll be looking to sink a fair few hours into the game. Oh sweet autosave…

While this in no way whatsoever aspires to be an ‘art’ game, the presentation isn’t too shabby either. Cartoony visuals and gore are used throughout providing the satisfaction of watching your enemy’s rib cage fly across the screen accompanied by a harmonious ‘splat’. Your character will deliver some witty burns (in addition to those provided by a flamethrower) from time to time including such classics as “The only thing you’ll be eating is lead”. So cheesy that they actually become funny again. Only downside is that they are limited and after even a couple of levels you’ll have heard them all 5 times over. The music too is appropriate but a little repetitive so you will probably want to turn it off and stick on something of your own (which thankfully there is an option to do). I always find Nyan Cat rather fitting for zombie apocalypses.

As I said though, it’s the fast and frantic frenzy of gameplay that should encourage you to play this game. And the fact that it’s completely free. Yay. Got a few minutes? Got an urge to ensure the dead are definitely 100% dead? Then play zOMGies here

Rating: C+

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