The Humble Indie Bundle comes to MMGaming

Hey everyone! Some news here about both games and MMGaming! Over the next few days me, Tim and Dogbert are all going to be playing and reviewing the five games from the third Humble Indie Bundle.

For those of you who don’t know. Humble Bundle is a package of games you can buy (during a certain time period) where you buy a few games for whatever amount of money you choose. Individually these games are worth about $12 each (so about £9 each) but if you buy the Humble Bundle during it’s brief period of availability you can choose to pay however much you want. The money you pay is then split four ways, it goes to the developers of the games, two charities and a tip goes to the Humble Bundle organisation itself. It’s a truly fantastic deal and well worth getting (regardless of how good the games are).

I personally paid $7 because I wanted it cheaply but also wanted to put a little money in to the developers and to keep Humble Bundle going (so we can see more of them in the future).

The third Humble Bundle contains five games: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVV, Hammerfight and And Yet It Moves. All of which look pretty fantastic, which all in all makes the Bundle even more appealing.

So over the next week you can expect five reviews, some gameplay and a lot of insisting that everyone buys the Humble Bundle before time runs out!

Here is the link to the website to buy the third Humble Bundle:

ALSO! And this is IMPORTANT! The Bundle will only be available (from when this was written) for another 11 days. Seeing as you can pay as little as you want and then downlaod the games straight away, or get them off Steam, I would suggest you buy this BEFORE we have finished reviewing it all. Trust me… it’s well worth it!

5 thoughts on “The Humble Indie Bundle comes to MMGaming

  1. OH! And one more thing!
    This Humble Bundle also includes a free trial of Minecraft which will last until the 14th of August! So those of you who don’t have Minecraft (for whatever reason) here’s the perfect excuse to try it out!

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