Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: DLC ALREADY?

Fuelcell Games did well with Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (check out the review here) and I enjoyed it very much. Considering the success of the game I suppose it’s not really surprising that they would want to cash in on the game while they still can. So with that in mind it seems they have already announced some DLC for the game which is in development right now.

The DLC will supposedly be focused on multiplayer rather than singleplayer and add a whole new experience to the game. Frankly I cannot wait as the Singeplayer was good fun, but it definitely seemed like the sort of game that could be amazing with a good multiplayer.

It is still in the early stages apparently BUT that’s no reason not to keep a weather eye on the horizon for any new details and important news about the game. Let’s hope it lives up to the standard set by the singleplayer!

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