MMGaming Game Awards 2017

I think that an awards post for each year is a great idea. Having said that I also think that some awarding bodies are dumb as hell. Like doing awards for a year near the start of the year for instance. Well, I wanted to make doubly sure that 2017 was over before posting this year’s MMGaming Awards, which is why it’s getting posted after the mid-point of 2018… Are you buying this…? Continue reading


Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn

Ah Stellaris, we have had a love/hate relationship. Our cold metal machine based emotion cores have grown fonder over the years however, and I can feel arcs of electricity between us now as we take over the observable universe with our sentient machine race. It’s time to talk about the dawn… of the synthetics. Dun dun duuuun.

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Battlerite Early Access Impressions – Oh please no, take anything you want.. anything… just not my soul!


Here we are again. It’s like my gaming life has come full circle. Things started off  in 2009 when I was invited in to the League of Legends alpha. At the time LoL was pretty unknown, but since it was free I managed to convince a few of my friends to play. As the years went by we played more, and more, and more, and more. And suddenly its 2014, ALL of my friends played LoL and very regularly and we had done so for the best part of 5 years. LoL had the perfect mix of strategy, intuition, skill and grind that ticked all the boxes for an enjoyable evening of gaming. The biggest draw for me, towards the end was playing with all my friends. I grew tired of the toxic community and as such started only playing with my friends, and that gradually decreased my playing time until I stopped completely. Then came along Battlerite.

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MMGaming – Where are we now?

Hi guys,

This is just a quick blog post to update you on the happenings of MMGaming.Net. As you can see, we have had a major redesign of our website and our branding across all our social networks and YouTube. We also have aims to produce more unique and high quality content to accompany our fresh design; Board Game Let’s Plays, Board Game Reviews, MMGaming drinking games and the usual video game reviews.

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MMGaming E3 Roundup


Wow. It really has been this long since we have posted on MMGaming! As much as we would love to post regularly, “real life” commitments meant that our time was focused on other things, such as Seb getting his 2:1 degree in molecular genetics (congrats bud!) and myself working hard on my PhD. However, if there is one event that brings us back on track in the gaming world it’s the one and only Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 noobs).

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Nidhogg Review

Hey guys, I’d like to introduce you all to Brian, a new writer for MMGaming! Check out his first review for Nidhogg below. You can find more of his stuff at  SomeBrianDude Reviews

Nidhogg is a game of inches. A false move will end with being skewered on a rapier, and a mistimed jump will send you tumbling down a (presumably) bottomless pit. The margin for error is tiny, but that’s where the joy in this title lives. There are little more satisfying feelings in all of gaming than beating an enemy who just pushed you to edge of defeat, and tasting your reward for victory – being eaten by a giant worm.

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We Are Dead! Almost.


It’s true! Seb and I aren’t dead, rejoices all round. I have to apologise for the lack of posting on the main site and our Youtube channel for the last month or so. It isn’t that we are no longer interested in MMGaming, in fact our interest is as strong as ever. Unfortunately it has gotten to that time of year where exams are looming and these ones are the big finals. This means that I will be out of action for the next month or so until the 8th of May. HOWEVER! Do not fret, I am planning a beautiful relaunch of content over the summer (bar a break for a USA vacation) that will be jam packed with reviews, previews and general gaming content. Seb does not have finals, only 3rd year exams yet I expect he will be also revising hard (right Seb?). If he isn’t, he will be absorbed in getting a higher gamerscore rather than playing new and interesting games making content for y’all. Who even cares about gamerscore anyway?

One day Seb will be fully converted to the PC master race. Until then, we must put up with his Xbox ramblings about gamerscore and the such like. More like GAYmerscore.

Adios and see you all on the other side.