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Skyrim Races

Whenever you create a character in an RPG there are always pre-set variations of various faces you can choose from. They will have a different facial structure, hair styles, ages, skin complexions and whatever else the game allows you to edit in character creation.

Well, Bethesda has released screenshots of all the pre-set facial variations for all the ten races of upcoming Skyrim.

I have to say, the differences between the faces of Skyrim and what I remember from Oblivion is absolutely astounding. If this is the sort of increase in graphics we can expect then it’s safe to say Skyrim might be even better than I have been predicting… Unbelievable I know…

Imperial Pre-set Facial Variations

Breton Pre-set Facial Variations

Nord Pre-set Facial Variations

Redgaurd Pre-set Facial Variations

Argonian Pre-set Facial Variations

Khajit Pre-set Facial Variations

High Elf Pre-set Facial Variations

Dark Elf Pre-set Facial Variations

Wood Elf Pre-set Facial Variations

Orc Pre-set Facial Variations

Looks good no?

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