What Race are You?

So, assuming you are one of the sensible ones and are planning on getting Skyrim as soon as possible, what race are you planning on rolling first? Do you actually have a plan? Or are you just going to see what you feel like when you get it. Also have you got any reasons for your choice of race?

For example, my first choice is going to be an Orc Battlemage called Sabor. Now I for all those of you who instantly yell “ORCS ARE SHIT WITH MAGIC!!! DURRRRR!!!”

I don’t care… I’ve always liked the image of the noble Greenskin race. Misunderstood and not at all the brutal violent race that is traditionally associated with Orc. That’s why my favourite character in the World of Wacraft is Thrall, as he embodies everything I imagine an Orc to be.

So my plan is to be throwing fire about the place while swinging the biggest axe I can possibly find. It’s going to be fantastic. I also plan on making every single right choice you can possibly make, that’s just my style.

So! Take this here poll! And then leave a comment telling us about your choice, or simply about what you want your character to be!

Also remember if you want to see examples of what the race will look like check out this post here: https://mmgaming.net/2011/08/25/skyrim-races/

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