Reclaimer Trilogy: I think we’re just getting started…

So, those of you who did keep an eye on E3 this year will be aware that not only will a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved be coming out as part of the 10 year anniversary of Halo but now 343 Industries (that’s right, NOT Bungie) are making Halo 4 which is set for release some time next year.

Well apparently, I didn’t follow this closely enough, because not only are 343 Industries making Halo 4 to continue the story of Master Chief, but a whole new trilogy! Called the “Reclaimer Trilogy” Master Chief has now finished the fight against the Covenant but has been blasted away from Earth and will now be on a Forerunner world.

Apparently there will be new abilities, weapons, enemies, vehicles but it will still essentially be Halo. Plus there will apparently be more focus on the Story of John-117 and Cortana and their relationship now.

Frankly all this information is second-hand. If you are a true Spartan and want to find out froma first hand source about the future of Halo, I suggest you check out the Eurogamer article: here.

P.s. if you get the reference in the title… I love you!

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