Some MORE Arkham City News

So, we have TWO cool news pieces here about Arkham City for the price of ONE. Aren’t you lucky? Aren’t we amazing?

Okay, so first up. The smaller news. Apparently Warner Bros have announced an Album full of the music from Arkham City. It’ll be dark and brooding and will probably give those of us with crimes on our consciences the urge to beat themselves up. You should check here for Eurogamers account of it and the full track list.

Now the properly cool news. Apparently, Rocksteady has announced their plans to give Arkham City a lot more replay value than Arkham Asylum had. Because lets face it. After you had awesome’d your way through the whole campaign and done all the Riddler puzzles… There wasn’t much left to do in the Asylum. To solve this Arkham City will have something called “New Game Plus” mode. Basically what it does is increases the difficulty and changes a few other bits and pieces to make the game harder and more challenging, such as the enemies won’t have a “Counter” symbol over their head when they are about to attack.

On the other hand, you don’t have to go and collect all the experience again as you keep all your abilities and XP from the first play-through.

More bats? Awwww yeaaaaah!

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