Brazil! Mmmm


Basking in the warm sun, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and a shimmering pool I write to you MMGamers. In Brazil, how committed am I. I will actually try and write a few articles in between the studying for my missed biotechnology, microbiology and immunology lectures. Oh and the rafting and snorkelling and generally touristy adventures.

You know what though, I am here with my father and neither of us speaks a word of Portuguese. Also unfortunately nobody here speaks a word of English. Embarrassment and confusion ensues when you attempt to ask reception for your car keys and receive a towel. Enough about Brazil though.

People are busy. Dogbert has just moved into his new flat, Ali is moving into his and Seb has freshers week. Sam is our newest member and will be starting his 3rd year shortly in Mechanical Engineering. In fact we will all be heading back to university in a very short space of time but I want to assure you. Assure you like those “Lawyers 4 U” assure you they won’t steal your money. MMGaming will still live on. There will have to be a few changes, alterations etcetera but here is me assuring you we will still provide a consistent quality service.

On that note I would like to reach out my hand to our dedicated readers and ask. If anyone is qualified in any way at website design and is willing to put in some work for us with the goodness of their heart. Please contact us at

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