Sicarius: Song of the Week

Some of you may know that Ubisoft recently held a competition where the winner would be the leading voice for the main theme song for Assassin’s Creed Revelations. And no… the song ISN’T Iron by Woodkid…

Basically the composer Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer (something of a legend by the way as he also composed the music in the Dark Knight and Inception) had already composed the music and set it in the public domain. Ambitious singers had to listen to the track and record themselves singing along with it. The recordings were then judged and a winner chosen.

And the winner was 18 year-old Madeline Bell from California. You can check out here recording named “Sicarius” here! As well as that you can also have a listen to some of the other public-voted top entries into the competition. Bizarrely most of the girl entries sound exactly the same to me, so how they chose Madeline is a mystery to me… But then I’m not a world famous composer so “meh” to that!

I will personally say though that the melody and song itself are both easily described as hauntingly beautiful and I very easily see it fitting perfectly with the atmosphere of Revelations. And frankly I am calling it our new Song of the Week!

On another note though… Don’t search for “Sicarius” on Youtube… The horror…

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