The Binding of Isaac

This little gem of a game was released a few days ago but I only just got a chance to get it today. I’ve already sunk too many hours into the game so I feel I am qualified to tell you what i think.

The mechanics are simple, just a twin stick shooter based in single “screens” or “tiles”. These screens have a random enemy types and random obstacles every play-through. The game is roguelike so based around short and quick encounters with permadeath always on. Simply put the mechanics are classic and fun while the difficulty remains challenging. You have to think quickly and tactically to hang on to every last slice of heart.

Now to the main point. You play as Isaac, a fucked up baby. You kill other fucked up babies with your tears. There are worm things with intestines hanging out of them. That is all. The art style is beautifully gruesome and unique. A great feature is that every upgrade Isaac picks up graphically changes him. So you turn from a simple crying baby to a magnitude of variations. My last attempt saw Isaac develop into a vampire-cyborg-mutant-thing before his life was snatched away from him by a massive urine spewing blob.

While the game is short (Only 45 minutes or so) i keep getting the urge to continue playing through. Trying to get different variations of Isaac or some achievements. Even trying out some of the other unlockable characters. I’v embedded a small video of me playing this so you can get more of an idea of what its like!

I feel that this game is so unique that i can’t seem to do it justice with words. You have to play it. And being only £3.50 on steam i think it is an absolute catch.

Rating: A

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